This Savage Song and Growing Out of Young Adult

This Savage Song┬áby Victoria Schwab is a Young Adult novel. This is the thought that kept traveling through my head the entire time that I was reading it. This book is targeted at people who are in high school. I am not in high school anymore. This is the first time that I've noticed a... Continue Reading →


My Tattoos Are Stories

I've loved tattoos for quite a while now--ever since I binge-watched a bunch of episodes of L.A. Ink once when I was in elementary school (I guess TV really is poisoning the minds of our youth). I've been able to get tattoos for almost two years now, and I've taken advantage of that ability where... Continue Reading →

Back and Better Than Ever

Boy howdy has it been a minute since I did a blog thing. Not since the election was still fresh and painful (it's no longer fresh, but definitely still painful). I've been a tiny bit busy with the last semester of my freshman year of college. It was my first semester as an active member... Continue Reading →

The President I Grew Up With

Us generation Y kids are so lucky that we grew up with the president we did. We grew up watching a black man run the nation with such skill and respect for all people. We grew up hearing the man in the highest office in the country support equal rights for LGBTQ+ folks. We grew... Continue Reading →

Ready to Listen

I knew that my Western Civilization class today was going to be difficult. I knew that I would come into class and look at the faces of America's future, and they would be devastated. They would be crushed, just like I am. I didn't expect the dead silence. I didn't expect our professor to admit... Continue Reading →

Characters Are Actually Important

Until quite recently, I didn't grasp just how important characters are to a story. Sure, I had characters. They were there to move the plot along. I tried to make them interesting and relatable, but I went about it in ways that weren't successful. I didn't fully care that they weren't successful, either- as long... Continue Reading →

Living Life to Write It

I did something this year that I never in a million years imagined that I would. I joined a sorority. *Cue the gasps and cries of outrage. Ladies are fainting left and right.* It's not really a "real" sorority, it's a service sorority, but we still do some sorority-type things. Adding this gasp-worthy extracurricular activity... Continue Reading →

Professional Time-Waster

There are moments in my live when I'm struck with the frantic need to do everything. I constantly feel like I'm running out of time to live life and do what I want. In three and a half measly years, I will have to have a real job and pay rent and all of that... Continue Reading →

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